Customer service policy

Our customer service policy

We believe in treating people in the way that we would wish to be treated ourselves – we hope you feel the same!

Our mission statement is simple: “To treat our customers with warmth and sincerity and make each dining experience as enjoyable as possible by providing a friendly service and good quality food in a warm, cosy and welcoming environment – all at a reasonable price that represents genuinely good value for money!”

We promise our customers that we will always: smile and be polite, treat our customers with warmth and sincerity, offer fresh food prepared in our own kitchens, try and “go the extra mile” to make our customers happy  and respond quickly, efficiently and without fuss should there be an issue.  In return we expect our customers to: be polite at all times and respect our staff, to let us know immediately is there is a problem so we can be proavtive in sorting it out, to respect that fresh food takes longer to cook than micro waved food, that food might take longer to prepare during exceptionally busy times and to remember that our staff are only human and we never deliberatley get anything wrong and we value the chance to put things right at the time they occur. 

Hopefully you will enjoy your visit to Drusilla’s as we always strive to do our best and try and make our customers happy.   However on the rare occasions we succumb to human error we do try and put it right.  If you are unhappy with either your food or the service at Drusilla’s it is essential that you let us know at the time the problem is happening . We promise never to make a fuss or make you feel uncomfortable but to simply try and rectify our mistake so you can enjoy your visit.  This is important as once something has been consumed or thrown away it is much harder for us to validate a complaint.  If that is impossible to do for whatever reason then you must let us know about the problem as soon as possible after it occured and certainly within 48 hours.  This is to allow us to address the issues raised with the staff involved promptly and in the most appropriate manner and to take whatever steps are needed to ensure the problem does not re-occur.  We treat all complaints seriously and will always rigourously address the cause of the problem whether that lies with suppliers or our staff. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to older complaints with the same attention to detail as we would recent complaints as the nature of our business is very much “of the moment” and therefore we need to deal with issues at the time they occur.  If you need to bring an issue to our attention please use this customer service form and either post or email it to Drusilla’s at . 

We aim to deal with genuine issues that are brought to our attention fairly and honestly.  Any issues raised that are found to be fraudulent, slanderous or exaggerated will be rigorously pursued with legal action, including those posted on web based forums.