Charity Bottle - November 7th, 2016


We have just emptied the bottle and it had a wonderful £215

We have supported one particular charity for a long time now and so thought it was a good time to not only continue to support them but also other local charities and people.

My daughter and I go swimming every week with a very special family whose son shortly after starting school started to become extremely anxious. He was diagnosed with hypermobility and given physiotherapy but continued to deteriorate. After numerous appointments they were told he could be suffering with something serious. On 10th June 2015 Shaun had an MRI scan and their worst nightmares were confirmed.  He had a huge amount of fluid on the brain and they were later told the devastating news that the blockage was in fact a brain tumour.

On the 11th June Shaun endured brain surgery to relieve the pressure and re-route the fluid around the tumour. Thank fully his tumour is benign and although he may face obstacles in the future, may have to endure further treatment, with careful monitoring his prognosis is good.

“brain tumours kill more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer and just 1% of national spend on cancer research is allocated to this devastating disease”

This wonderful family is always fundraising- his dad has even done a triathlon in order to hopefully help towards giving hope to all brain tumour patients.

Thank you for your support!